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Cyql dashboard – 6 tips to get the most out of Cyql

Cyql is a handy app that facilitates organizing a club’s rides. The dashboard offers several features that allow administrators to manage their club and rides. Here are 6 tips for getting the most out of the Cyql dashboard:

1. Create labels.
The label feature allows administrators to differentiate between different groups or types of rides. For example, a B-group label can be added to a ride. However, labels such as “men’s” or “women’s” rides can also be created. There are no restrictions, each club can set its own labels.

2. Post and manage news, calendar items and (of course) club rides
The Cyql dashboard provides the ability to post and manage news, calendar items and club rides. This allows a club to easily share its activities and keep them up-to-date.

3. Upload a club logo and customize the color of the app
The app can be personalized to the club by uploading a club logo and customizing the color of the app. This will make the app recognizable to all members of the club.

4. Set a group size and assign road captains
It is possible to set a recommended group size for each ride. The moment more participants want to join, a notification is shown in the app so the group can decide what to do with it. Within Cyql, road captains can be assigned roles. The road captain can be indicated at a ride and can also change the ride when set as road captain.

5. Give other club members rights
There is no need to do everything alone. Therefore, Cyql provides the ability to give other club members rights. For example, someone can post, write and delete news items through the dashboard. This can be useful, for example, for a committee within the club.

There are 2 main roles for users. A user who has access to the app and an administrator who has access to the app and the dashboard.

6. Add frequent start locations
Start locations can be managed in the “Locations” menu. By adding frequently recurring start locations, members do not have to re-enter the location each time they create a new ride.

The Cyql dashboard offers a host of options for managing a club and organizing rides. By using these 6 tips, any club can get the most out of Cyql and manage activities efficiently and effectively. For more information, see the online Cyql dashboard manual at

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