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Strade Bianche vs Tour of Flanders: what are the differences?

Cycling is slowly coming out of its winter hibernation and the first spring classic of the season is already upon us: the 2023 Strade Bianche. This famous one-day cycling race will take place this Saturday, March 4, in Italy and has been long awaited by avid cycling fans. But the Strade Bianche is not the only popular one-day race on the professional cycling calendar. The Tour of Flanders is also high on the list of both riders and fans. Both races have their own unique characteristics and challenges that make them beloved by the public. But what exactly are the
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Zwift vs Rouvy: what are the differences?

Zwift and Rouvy are both digital cycling platforms that allow users to cycle at home in a virtual environment. Both apps offer a range of routes as well as the ability to participate in workouts, group rides and races. Besides Zwift and Rouvy, TrainerRoad, RGT, Bkool, Wahoo SYSTM are also examples of such platforms. These virtual training platforms have many similarities. They are all based on using real bikes and all use the same technology. This means that whichever option you end up using will have similar connectivity to a computer, laptop or tablet and will be compatible with most available
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Cooperation Shimano and Cyql

Shimano has partnered with digital cycling platform Cyql. Both parties strongly believe in the power of cycling that can ensure a better future world. Part of the collaboration is to strengthen both brands with the integration of Shimano Service Centres into the Cyql platform. Shimano Service Centres are a global network of independent bicycle retailers. These retailers combine the best possible bicycle service with the very latest technologies. Shimano Service Centres are present across Europe. Cyql co-founder Wouter Slotegraaf “We are proud of this next step in Cyql’s young existence. The collaboration with Shimano shows that Cyql can also offer
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Welcome to the new kid in town!

This time we talked to Daan Kahmann, president of one of the youngest cycling clubs in the Netherlands: Kaptein Cycling Club (KCC). KCC’s website is aptly titled “Welcome to the new kid in town!”. Kaptein Cycling Club emerged from a feeling by some cycling friends that there were opportunities for a fresh new club for anyone with a passion for cycling (cycling, racing, cross country, mountain biking, track). With the Kaptein store as its base and central meeting point, KCC is a vibrant new club for every cycling enthusiast in and around Amsterdam. Can you tell us briefly about your shop/club
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