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TeideBike and Cyql Bring Unique Cycling Adventures to Tenerife

TeideBike is an innovative cycling concept based in southern Tenerife, offering bespoke cycling holidays and bike rentals. Unlike destinations such as Calp and Mallorca, Tenerife lacks comprehensive cycling holiday packages. Jean-Paul Maes, the founder of TeideBike, highlights the distinct cycling experience in Tenerife, partly due to its nearly constant springtime weather. “Tenerife offers a cycling paradise with an eternal spring that you won’t find anywhere else,” says Maes.

A pivotal aspect of the TeideBike experience is its collaboration with Cyql. This digital platform centralizes all the crucial information about the rides, such as start times, distance, speed, downloadable GPX routes, cyclist levels, identity of the road captain, and emergency contact details. This centralization assists TeideBike in making rides safer and more organized. Before each journey begins, TeideBike also provides a briefing about the route and key points to note.

TeideBike’s focus is not only on offering a unique cycling experience but also on safety. Maes emphasizes the importance of providing accurate information about roads and supplies to guests to minimize risks.

Cyql, positioning itself as the premier digital solution for cycling clubs and cycling events, is equally pleased about its collaboration with TeideBike. “Our partnership with TeideBike perfectly illustrates the power of digital transformation in the cycling world,” says Wouter Slotegraaf of Cyql. The platform aims to enhance communication within cycling communities. Where cycling clubs often communicate via a single central Whatsapp group, Cyql provides an organized alternative. It shifts messages about bike rides from Whatsapp to the Cyql app, reducing the annoyance of excessive messaging.

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