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The Passion for Cycling: A Glimpse into Cycling Club “The Gangmakers”

Roel Fleerakkers, a cycling enthusiast through and through, shared his passion, its rekindling, and how modern technology is changing the dynamics of his cycling club.

When we ask Roel about his personal background and the history of the club, his enthusiasm shines through. “I’m 37 and I hail from Rijkevorsel. In my daily life, I serve as a partner at Acs Accountants & Tax Consultants. As a youngster, cycling was my true passion, but work and family life took precedence. However, the pandemic rekindled my old love for cycling.” Roel’s club, The Gangmakers, emerged from a former soccer team. What began as a small group of cycling friends without structure blossomed into a full-fledged club with around 30 members in just a year.

At The Gangmakers, enjoyment is paramount. Roel speaks proudly of the myriad of activities they organize together, ranging from day trips to parties.

"Say goodbye to hundreds of WhatsApp messages. The real value of the app is timely and organized departures with members."
Roel Fleerakkers
De Gangmakers

The introduction of the Cyql platform into their club came through a customer of Roel’s, whose own cycling team also utilizes the app. Now, 25 of their members actively use the app. But what makes Cyql so special for The Gangmakers? Roel states, “Sharing routes in advance is incredibly convenient. We set off punctually every time, without all the fuss of using WhatsApp.”

He also sees room for improvement and hopes for features such as a back office for member management and finances. “It would be fantastic if we could track certain matters like memberships, payment links, and an overview of the club’s finances.”

And why, according to Roel, should other clubs make the switch to Cyql? “Say goodbye to hundreds of WhatsApp messages. The real value of the app is timely and organized departures with members.”

The blend of Roel’s passion for cycling and modern tech like Cyql illustrates how tradition and innovation can walk hand in hand for an optimal cycling experience.

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