Cooperation Shimano and Cyql

Shimano has partnered with digital cycling platform Cyql. Both parties strongly believe in the power of cycling that can ensure a better future world. Part of the collaboration is to strengthen both brands with the integration of Shimano Service Centres into the Cyql platform. Shimano Service Centres are a global network of independent bicycle retailers. These retailers combine the best possible bicycle service with the very latest technologies. Shimano Service Centres are present across Europe.

Cyql co-founder Wouter Slotegraaf “We are proud of this next step in Cyql’s young existence. The collaboration with Shimano shows that Cyql can also offer added value to commercial market players where brands can reinforce each other. Cyql will only become more relevant to our thousands of users in this way.”

Bastiaan Gaillard marketer at Shimano “It is added value for Shimano that the Shimano Service Centres are visible in a clear place in the Cyql app. Cyclists can go to the Shimano Service Centres for professional service performed by certified mechanics. Shimano is excited about the collaboration with Cyql, we see a lot of potential in the app.”

Cyql expects to release a new update to the platform in Q1 of 2023 where some new features will be launched. This update will also include integration with Shimano.

About Shimano
Shimano Benelux is the official distributor of Shimano bicycle parts and accessories in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. The company is owned by Shimano Inc, a publicly listed company based in Osaka Japan. Besides its own brands Shimano, PRO, LAZER, Milremo and, Shimano Benelux also represents a value-added range of 10 other top brands. We strongly believe in promoting health and happiness by enjoying the world and nature around us.

About Cyql
Cyql is a startup whose mission is to make cycling more fun and safer. Obviously by letting cyclists achieve beautiful (responsible) performances together, creating club loyalty and optimal communication between existing and new cycling friends among themselves or within a club. With this in mind, the first ideas and pencil marks around an app for cyclists, all kinds of groups and cycling clubs were put on paper at the end of 2019. In 2021, Cyql took off and has since grown into a platform where many thousands of cyclists cycle more, together and more safely every day.