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Cyql helps cycling groups and clubs to get their members riding together more often, and facilitates communication within cycling clubs.

Enjoy cycling together!







Cyql offers a turnkey solution for cycling clubs!

Ride together more!

It’s difficult for cycling clubs to get their members on their bikes and keep them there. When bike rides are organised, Cyql perfectly matches supply and demand, and takes care of the cultural subgroups within a cycling club.

Safer cycling!

Cycling within a cycling club is often thought to be too competitive. Fewer unexpected and unsafe situations, instead more cycling in a group where competition and recreation are in better balance with each other.

Replace WhatsApp?

The exchange of practical information in a WhatsApp group is often lost between a mountain of irrelevant messages. Members leave the group, and can no longer be reached. Cyql facilitates communications within a cycling club!

Will you or your cycling club be the next satisfied Cyql user?

WTC Sportive As has chosen Cyql as its club app because it is nice to be able to communicate along these lines and be so close to the club members. You can use this app for almost everything related to the club. The rides, information, GPX files, weather, photos, etc. And all of this is accessible in one place. It’s easy to use and the service is top notch! You can install it on your smartphone (iOS and Android) and manage it easily via tablet or PC. That’s why we recommend this app. Give it a try!

Yvo Rens, WTC Sportief As 🇧🇪

Due to the practical experience of Cyql’s staff and excellent cooperation, the app is now indispensable for many of our affiliated clubs. The Cyql app fully meets the needs of our members. Cyql makes it easier to schedule a group ride. In addition, the app contributes to stronger member loyalty. It’s not for nothing that already over 250 clubs are using the Cyql app.

Jos van Schijndel – NTFU (Dutch Cycling Association) 🇳🇱

Cyql is a well-organized and clear app. Once members see how it works, they immediately see the value and start using Cyql more and more

Jan de Kruijf – TC de Volharding 🇳🇱

It’s surprising how quickly you actually set up the app for your club. In an evening you’ll have figured out how it works and can actually send the QR code to members to sign up

Willem Op ’t Roodt – TC de Batauwers 🇳🇱


If there’s a ride that perfectly suits you in terms of distance, speed and participants, you can receive an alert. It means you won’t miss a single ride, you’ll and cycle more together within your club!

Personalised push notifications!

Receive a push notification if a ride matches your preferences.


NEWS & AGENDAAll the news in your pocket!

The latest news and upcoming events always clearly presented in the app. No more confusing WhatsApp group messages!

Meet the club!

Potential members can participate in the cycling club's public rides. Who knows, you could soon be the next proud member!

Cyql is for everyone. How do you want to use Cyql?



Participate in open rides of other groups, clubs and communities. Create your own rides or start your own club for free (Club Starter).

individual use

Terms of use apply.

Cyql can be used free of charge by individual cyclists.


Club Starter

Take advantage of all the features with your own group of friends.

max. 25 users

Terms of use apply.

Cyql can be used for free by clubs and groups (up to a maximum of 25 users).

most used

Club Pro

€ 29,95 per month (club). Use all the features to start your own cycling club or (business) community.

max. 200 users

Terms of use apply. Prices are excluding VAT.

* Registration and validation club/group/community required to receive payments. Available as a pilot.

price on request

Club Elite / Event

Price upon request. Tailored to larger cycling clubs, communities or events. 

Unlimited number of users

Terms of use apply. 

* Registration and validation club/group/community required to receive payments. Available as a pilot.

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