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Braunstein Cycling Club adopts Cyql App

The Braunstein Cycling Club (BCC), a thriving community of cycling enthusiasts, has recently taken a significant digital leap forward by
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10 tips for cycling in winter: make the most of the coldest season

Cycling in winter can be challenging, but it also offers unique experiences and benefits. Winter lays the foundation for the
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Discover the new Cyql ride widget

🚴‍♂️ Expand your cycling club’s reach! Cyql already boasts two powerful apps for Android and iOS, enabling users to fully
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United we ride: TC de Peeltrappers embraces digital journey with Cyql 🤝🚲

At TC de Peeltrappers, a dynamic cycling club based in the picturesque Odiliapeel, members enjoy the diversity and passion for
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A look at cycling club “The Leffegozers”

Cyql takes a look at cycling club the Leffegozers, of which Marc is manager on behalf of the cycling club
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Cycling Monitor 2023

The Cycling Monitor 2023, published by the NTFU (Dutch Tour Cycling Union), provides an in-depth overview of cycling in the
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Assos Riders: Cycling in the digital age with Cyql

Flanders is the heart of cycling culture in Europe. The traditions and passion for cycling run deep. However, like all
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4 tips to automate your cycling club

Digitalization in the year 2023 is here to stay. There are many opportunities for cycling associations and cycling clubs to
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Transforming Club Cycling with Cyql: Maynooth Cycling Club’s Success Story

Organizing club rides can be a formidable task – one that Maynooth Cycling Club, founded in 2015, knows all too
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How the gravel bike is becoming increasingly popular

You may already be seeing it popping up more and more on Strava: “Morning ride on gravel bike. In the
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