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Download Cyql - the app for the individual cyclist, group of friends and cycling club.

Scan the QR code with your smartphone and install the Cyql app or open Cyql in the AppStore or Google Play Store

Install our iOS or Android app and start using Cyql today!


With Cyql you can plan rides with your friends or cycling club and participate in cycling rides, share GPX files and photos of rides and join public rides of other cycling clubs.

Not a member of a cycling club or cycling group but still want to join a ride? You can! Clubs can create public rides that members and non-members can participate in. This is an easy way to join a group or get to know a cycling club.

Cycling clubs

Start using Cyql within your cycling club or start your own cycling group with friends and plan joint rides. Share routes and photos with each other or find new cycling friends.

Signing up with a club is easily done by scanning a QR code or entering an activation code. Ask your club administrator about this.

Not yet a member of a cycling club? No problem, it is always possible to link or unlink a club.

Effective communication

With the Cyql app you are always up to date with rides and club related information. Using the extensive notification settings, you control what messages you receive. So only get the notifications that are important to you.

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