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Does your club also want to get started with Cyql?

How nice that your club is also interested in Cyql. Please fill in the information below and we will process your request as soon as possible.

    Is your club already using Cyql?

    As your club is already using Cyql, it is not possible to re-register the club. Ask your club administrator(s) for the activation code and use this code to sign up with your existing cycling club in the Cyql app.

    Read more about joining a club

    Start registering your new cycling club in Cyql below.

    Information about your cycling club

    We will send you further instructions on this e-mailaddress to get started with Cyql.

    Do you want to create a Club Starter, a Club Pro or a Club Open / Event?

    NB: Anyone can join a public club immediately without approval by a club administrator.


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