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The cooperation between the Dutch cycling federation NTFU and Cyql

In 2021, the partnership between the NTFU and Cyql began whereby all NTFU clubs will be able to use the Cyql cycling app for free. Through this collaboration, all NTFU clubs will have free access to the Cyql app, making it easier for these clubs to embrace the digitization of their club.

After all, it is not always easy to manage a cycling club. There are many things to consider, such as organizing events, maintaining contact with members and facilitating club rides and training. It is also important that communication between members runs smoothly so that everyone is up to date with the latest developments within the club.

The Cyql app provides a solution for this. The app allows all cycling groups and cycling associations to communicate with their members in a streamlined and targeted way. Think of sending newsletters and planning events. Members can also make arrangements among themselves to go cycling together. This not only improves communication within the club, but also increases cycling and creates a closer bond between members.

“Due to the practical experience of Cyql’s staff and excellent cooperation, the app is now indispensable for many of our clubs. The Cyql app fully meets the needs of our member associations. The app makes it easier to plan a joint ride. In addition, the app contributes to stronger member loyalty. Not for nothing are already over 250 associations using the Cyql app.”
Jos van Schijndel – NTFU (Dutch Cycling Association) 🇳🇱

The experiences of the NTFU associations with the Cyql app are extremely positive. In fact, by using the app, clubs become more efficient and can focus more on facilitating a good cycling experience for their members. As a result, the NTFU’s mission of providing the best possible experience for cycling in the Netherlands is even better fulfilled.

The collaboration between the NTFU and Cyql is a great example of how technology can support and improve cycling. Digitalization makes it easier for clubs to facilitate and connect their members. And that is ultimately what cycling is all about: enjoying this beautiful sport together and inspiring each other to keep getting better.

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