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Increased engagement through Cyql at VWV Ermelo

VWV Ermelo, a vibrant cycling club with 370 members, has undergone a significant digital transformation by integrating Cyql. This club, passionate about road cycling, mountain biking, and gravel biking, has embraced Cyql as a crucial tool for improving internal communication and increasing engagement within the club.

The Impact of Cyql

Andries Jansen, president of VWV Ermelo, clarifies the impact: “When we needed a more efficient means of communication, CYQL offered us the perfect solution. With its user-friendly interface and absence of distracting ads, it allows our members to focus on their passion for cycling and strengthening our community bonds.” This innovation has led to increased engagement, with 311 of the 370 members active on the platform.

"We are convinced that the introduction of Cyql has had a positive influence on the number of new members joining our club"
Andries Jansen
VWV Ermelo

Future and Recommendations

Andries emphasizes the potential for improvements and future expansions. “A landing page that provides direct access to different parts of the app would be a useful addition,” he suggests. He also highlights the importance of simplicity and accessibility, essential for maintaining the core features of Cyql.

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