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Welcome to the new kid in town!

This time we talked to Daan Kahmann, president of one of the youngest cycling clubs in the Netherlands: Kaptein Cycling Club (KCC). KCC’s website is aptly titled “Welcome to the new kid in town!”. Kaptein Cycling Club emerged from a feeling by some cycling friends that there were opportunities for a fresh new club for anyone with a passion for cycling (cycling, racing, cross country, mountain biking, track). With the Kaptein store as its base and central meeting point, KCC is a vibrant new club for every cycling enthusiast in and around Amsterdam.
Can you tell us briefly about your shop/club and your own role/function?
💬 “We are a new association (rather say club) located in Amsterdam called Kaptein Cycling Club! In February Stoff, Miel and I started KCC, because we were missing a new, fresh club that rides around with a trendy kit and organizes cool events! I myself am president. After 8 months we have grown to 131 members and expect to grow to 200+ next year. We are also the only club in Amsterdam linked to a bike store, Kaptein. Thomas Dekker, Dennis Bruin, Stefan Bolt are some of the well-known members 😉”
How did you come into contact with Cyql?
💬 “Through a member we were tipped off about Cyql. After a very nice conversation with Wouter, Chief Operating Officer, we were sold. The partnership is great and we don’t want and can’t live without it anymore.”

What were your expectations of Cyql and did they come true?
💬 “The expectations were to be able to centralize all rides on 1 platform, allowing more members to see the rides and nothing gets lost in Whatsapp. Expectations have been far exceeded! We can’t live without Cyql anymore and the fact that members can initiate rides themselves and therefore ride together is fantastic!”
What would you tell other clubs/shops about Cyql?
💬 “Short and sweet: Use Cyql! Truly a game changer for any club/shop that wants to offer/organize group rides in a structured way! Can’t wait to see how Cyql will continue to grow and make an impact.”
Of course we thank Daan, and all other members of Kaptein Cycling Club, for using Cyql and the valuable feedback we get from Amsterdam so we can all make Cyql a little nicer and better every day together.
Enjoy Cycling Together!

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