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5 tips for cycling more safely in a group

Our goal is to help people cycle together more and more safely. Cycling in a group can also sometimes be dangerous, especially if the group is not well organized and cyclists are not aware of safety rules. Using the Cyql app helps organize rides and communication between them.

We give below our 5 tips to make your next bike ride with friends, family or colleagues not only fun, but also safer through Cyql. That way we can cycle together more safely in a group!

🚴🏼 1 – The group size
Before you leave, it is helpful to think about the group size. By using Cyql, it is clear in advance how big the turnout will be. Under normal circumstances, the NFTU recommends a maximum group size of 14 people on the road and 12 on the MTB. It is possible to limit the number of participants of a ride in the Cyql app.

🗾 2 – The route
It is recommended to communicate in advance the route that will be cycled. In the Cyql app, this can easily be added to the activity so that it is known to every participant. From the Cyql app, the ride can easily be transferred to your bike computer. This way you avoid surprises during the ride and everyone knows where to turn left or right.

📝 3 – Make agreements
Make clear agreements and repeat them. Communicate timely in the Cyql app about (changed) appointments and add the start location, departure time, route, speed and distance to the ride. Will there be a stopover subject? That too can be indicated in advance in the app. As a club, communicate clearly about the bike rides and for whom they are suitable. This will avoid disappointments afterwards because a ride was apparently much harder or longer than expected beforehand.

🦸🏼‍♂️ 4 – Ride with a road captain
The road captain’s job is to ensure that everything goes safely and other road users are inconvenienced as little as possible. Before departure, have the road captain explain the arrangements and ground rules well to your club members and add them in the Cyql app.

📞 5 – Emergency number ICE
Should an emergency arise during a ride, it is advisable to advise the ICE (in Case of Emergency) phone numbers of the participants. It is possible to add an ICE phone number to one’s own profile. Participants of a ride can then consult ICE data of each other.

Want to give Cyql a try for your cycling club or among your own cycling friends? Download the app and try it today.

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