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Signs that your cycling club needs cycling app Cyql

Many cyclists also join cycling club to enjoy beautiful rides and scenery together. Sometimes it can still be difficult for cycling club to organize the rides. Fortunately, there is now the solution: the cycling app Cyql. When is it advisable for your cycling club to use the app Cyql? Here are the 5 most common signs!

🤯 1 – Cluttered WhatsApp groups
A common platform to communicate within clubs is WhatsApp. A disadvantage of this is that in addition to rides, there is also proliferation of (unnecessary) messages being shared. Cyql ensures that bike rides are moved from WhatsApp to the Cyql app, this avoids unnecessary disruption to all members. All relevant information in one app, how nice is that?

🚵🏼 2 – There is less cycling together.
Cyclists may be members of a cycling club. However, cycling remains an individual sport in which it remains a constant challenge for clubs to get members to cycle more and together in order to maintain the cycling club’s right to exist and added value. Communicating with members, partly due to the individual nature, is difficult for cycling clubs to achieve. Cyql offers the ultimate solution for this, members can take initiatives themselves by creating their own rides and offers effective communication to members and among themselves.

👨🏼‍💻 3 – Simple automation
Cyql is a ready-made platform and can be deployed immediately. After a club has signed up, members can download the mobile app through the App Stores and members can easily be invited and allowed into their own digital club environment. The cycling app is the digital extension of one’s own club.

🦺 4 – Increase safety
One of Cyql’s goals is to increase safety in group rides. For each ride, the advised group size of the ride is indicated and road captains can be designated. Rides can be limited and an emergency contact number (ICE) of each ride participant is available. Participants know all relevant information prior to the ride and the route can be shared so everyone knows where they are cycling.

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